Thermochip SATE:
the versatile continuous
insulation system for façades

THERMOCHIP SATE is a sandwich panel used for façades. It is made up of a plaster fibreboard plank in direct contact with the bearing structure, an extruded polystyrene continuous insulation core which has tongue-and-groove on all four sides and a cement fibreboard plank on the exterior surface.

Bearing structure
Different types of structures: steel, wood, galvanized steel, etc.
THERMOCHIP SATE tongue-and-groove system on all four sides of the panel.
Exterior cladding
Allows the installation of any type of cladding system.

The ideal building solution for façades

THERMOCHIP SATE can be flexibly integrated into the enclosure of façades whether in new constructions or a restoration of a building. It gives a continuous exterior thermal insulation solution (SATE) to the exterior of a building. With a classification to the reaction to fire of B-s1,d0 and an acoustic insulation of over 35dB just with the panel alone.

The integrated solution for façades THERMOCHIP SATE is complemented with THERMOCHIP WALL creating an integral envelop of façades system. With only two panels, it provides the solution to most of demands from the ECCN:

  • HR > 52dB cladding not included
  • HE < 15Kw·m²/year for any climate zone
  • SI reaction to fire B-s1,d0
  • SI reaction to fire EI120
  • HS value over air tightness with q50
  • HS continuous vapor barrier µ > 150
  • THERMOCHIP SATE allows the installation of any type of exterior cladding*:

    Flex mortars

    Provide air and water tightness against wind and rain. The different layers of flex mortar are applied directly over the exterior layer of the cement fibreboard.

    Cladding enclosure with mortars

    It gives a high thermal inertia to the whole installation and when the continuous insulation plank for façades is included, it makes up a high energy performance system. Because a whole cladding enclosure is installed, a high acoustic insulation capacity is achieved and this gives an additional advantage against any other type of façade solutions.

    Ventilated façades

    This system allows refrigeration throughout the building in the summer and controls the dissipation of heat in the winter. In addition to saving energy, the air circulation in the camera helps reduce condensation and humidity.

    the advantages offered

    It is the only sandwich panel made for façades in the market in which all four sides have an assembly method without a camlock system and thus creating more efficient façades thanks to continuous insulation throughout the whole surface of the façade.


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