The ideal interior complement of
the façade envelop:
Thermochip WALL

THERMOCHIP WALL is a sandwich panel to create walls. It is made up of a plaster fibreboard plank in direct contact with the bearing structure, an extruded polystyrene continuous insulation core which has tongue-and-groove on all four sides and a fireproof laminated plank with a second plaster fibreboard plank on the interior part of the building.

Bearing structure
Different types of structures: steel, wood, galvanized steel, etc.
THERMOCHIP SATE tongue-and-groove system on all four sides of the panel.
Finishing coat
Can be used with any finishing coat of your choosing

The only
continuous insulation system
in the market

In order to meet the air-tightness requirements, this is of great importance in ECCN buildings, it is necessary to install an air-tightness layer which will envelop the heated space. This THERMOCHIP WALL air-tightness layer must be continuous and this is done by joining all of the panel joints with joint tape.

THERMOCHIP WALL integrated solution is complemented with THERMOCHIP SATE creating an integrated façade envelope, therefore, with only two panels it meets the highest ECCN requirements:

  • HR > 52dB cladding not included
  • HE < 15Kw·m²/year for any climate zone
  • SI reaction to fire B-s1,d0
  • SI reaction to fire EI120
  • HS value over air tightness with q50
  • HS continuous vapor barrier µ > 150
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